music production for:

︎Sonic Art
︎Virtual Reality   
︎Game Audio



Music production for:

︎Sonic Art
︎Virtual Reality
︎Game Audio

Nicola Perikhanyan

electronic sound artist and composer

MA student in electronic music at Guildhall of Music & Drama. I enjoy working with instrumentalists and manipulating sound to create new sonic experiences.  


Mortem Exhibition

Art intervention at Media Art Nexus Nanyang technological university, Singapore. 

Curator: Aura Murillo
Visuals by Pierre Englehard

Vocalists, Alexandra Pouta and  Eliran Kadussi. Violinist, Tiago Costas.

An exhibition featuring sensorial provocations about death. Presented as a continuous loop to reflect the cylce of life, death and rebirth. The animation is designed for large scale LED media display (15m by 2m) in a public walkway in singapore.

Illuminated River

The world's longest public art commission, visual artist Leo Villareal, lights up nine London bridges along the River Thames. 

Read more about the project. 

‘A World
Without Culture
Is No Place To Be’

Modern and sleek, the Golden Jubilee Bridge inspired a contemporary sound. Villareal connects his work to the impressionists, similarly I've looked to Debussy, who's music perfectly represents water. Ambiguous tonality and ever changing movement, the music focuses on atmosphere and conveying mood and emotions.


Play 2021

An immersive music and art experience, commissioned by Brookfield Properties and The City of London. Collaborating with  London Symphony Orchestra’s clarinettist to write a location inspired piece.

‘Roman Ruins’
for Clarinet

Written for Andy Harper, LSO’s clarinettist, I wanted the music to celebrate the reawakening of the City of London as we begin to resume normal life after the pandemic. The making of the piece was very organic and collaborative and I constructed it from the bottom up like the tall buildings surrounding the ruins. I approached the writing in an open minded way, combining manipluated textures with the sound of the raw instrument.


Sound Is Great When...

A collaboration with the vocal department at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama.

Vocalists, Alexandra Pouta and  Eliran Kadussi.

Video by Pierre Englehard at
studio PETUNIA
Inspired by Tom Phillip’s Humanent, the score for the music was constructed using a victorian medical text about the respiritory system, which takes on a new meaning when carefully selecting words of interest.